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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 12, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a major setback for u.s. efforts in afghanistan after an american soldier goes on a shooting rampage. good evening. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. 16 afghan villagers were shot to death as they slept. tonight we are learning more of the man accused of opening fire on them. she a u.s. army sergeant with two children. she on his third tour in iraq and first in of afghanistan. surge yea -- surgeon yow has more -- sergio has more. >> investigators collect shell casings in one of the homes targeted by the soldier and villages watch as they are carted away. united states and nato allies are trying to figure out what set the soldier off. afghan official told cnn that
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locals will want the soldier to stand trial in an afghan court. >> this is not something they can wash away by saying i'm sorry or forgive me. the afghan people when it comes to murder, those words do nothing. >> as villagers mourn the loss of their loved ones president barack obama issued condolences saying "this incident is track jibing 1k3* shocking and does not represent the position of the military." the he says this insurance department adds to an increasingly difficult relationship with of a iman stan. -- with afghanistan. >> everywhere there rs pressure and danger. he goes down the street and enters a home and kills locals in their home. it will be an enormous flash point again. >> karzai condemns the attacks saying it was an intentional killing of innocent civilians
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and cannot be for given. a san francisco-based author from afghanistan says it sours america's presence in the country. >> people i talk to, urban people who think their fate is tied up with the american presence seem to not want americans there anymore. >> president obama called hamid karzai earlier today to express his shock and condolences following this incident. the biggest earn c now is that the taliban will use it to insight -- incite violence against those stationed in afghanistan. it has been one year since the earthquake and tsunami that killed 19,000 people in japan and unleashed the world's worst nuclear crisis in a quarter century.
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>> across japan people paused at the exact moment the quake struck. bells rang for each person dead or missing in the magnitude 9 quake. japan is still recovering with 325,000 people in temporary housing and two of its 54 nuclear reactors runn and running. people are also remembering the tragedy here in the bay area. john alston is live in san francisco with the memorials that are here. john? >> ama, it is a day of peace and reflection in a country that has lost thousands and suffered through another nuclear crisis. the traditional ceremony at peace plaza was followed by a moment once at 2:46 in the afternoon. the exact time of day the earthquake and tsunami devastated japan. >> today we are here to pay our p respects to the thousands of people who lost their lives last year.
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>> the gat rick in the heart of japan town was not the only solemn event. there was a moment of silence at this nuclear event in san francisco. among the participants was russo who lived through the earthquake last year. she doesn't consider today an anniversary because she feels the horror was not ended. >> i cannot call this an anniversary. it is going on and getting worse. >> another bay area resident affected by the disaster is the executive chef at yoshi's. he was born there and his parents' home was destroyed by the quake. today his thoughts were on his native land. >> getting better which is a good sign. but the other side, business wise and life wise, it is helping. >> they are getting help to rebuild in the tsunami zones.
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>> everybody who has done volunteer work has come away a changed person. >> cultural and community center has helped raise more than $4 million for relief efforts. >> it is important we have thehs ceremonies such as this to make people remember and to know even though the earthquake happened a year ago there is so much work that needs to be done. >> donations are still coming in. it could take 10 years to fully rebuild. 234 san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. the tsunami traveled to california where it nearly destroyed an tau cruz harbor. the boats were tossed around and the docks were smashed to the tune of $17 million. and the tourist industry was destroyed. there was federal disaster aid paying for almost all of this.
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more problems by the people hit by recent tornadoes. fema is denying a request from two small towns. dick derbin learned of it and it apparently wasn't costly enough. >> it was the result of a calculation based on state population and that means some 12, $12.5 million in damage mustily found. from what i saw the hundreds of homes that were damaged or destroyed, it seems to be within grasp. >> there have been more than 280 reported tornado incidents nationwide. some little leaguers are about to kick off their season minus expensive equipment. >> someone broke into the equipment loark for the petaluma valley little league. thomas roman spoke with some disappointed kids. >> they busted this whole piece off. this was locked like this. >> jimmy gallagher told us
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where the shed that held two new pitching machines with catcher's gear was broken into and the gear was stolen. some are disappointed. >> that means there are no baseball games and that is pretty bad. >> lucus schaefer says what he thinks of the culprits. >> they are mean and cruel. >> cruel because the pitching machines help these mini leaguers learn the craft of hitting a baseball. easy for some and not so easy for others. this little league coach says these guys have a small strike zone to pitch to, so the machines come in handy. >> we need something where they can see something consistent to hit. they can get the rep petition down and build the skill set and get the muscle memory. >> they have their entire games pitched by machines like this one they say is old and inaccurate. members of the league say who ever took this equipment wants
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to return it, they will accept it no questions asked. if not the league will have to put up money they don't have. >> looking at $4,000 to $6,000 for a new shed. about $3500 for a couple of pitching machines. >> they are looking at where they think thieves are looking to unload this type of gear. >> we are looking at social media sites and seeing if somebody is trying to sell it. it is unique equipment. >> anyone with information or has information on pitching machines or pitching gear call abc7 news. and investigators think an over loaded outlet may have caused a deadly house fire in alameda. he was found dead in his home with his dog. it took 40 minutes to put out the fire that started in the kitchen around 8:30. a fire in the sonoma county community of windsor took the life of an elderly m would. she died just five feet from the front door of her home. a police officer tried to save
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her kicking in the front door. the officer couldn't get inside because of the heat from the flames. the woman already died by the time firefighters arrived. pg&e restored power to 4,000 customers tonight after a woman slammed her vehicle into a power pole. the crash brought downs power lines near market street in concord before 5:00 a.m. the woman is suspected it of drunk driving. she had a child and she tried to run from the scene. concord police caught up with them a short distance away. jury selection is scheduled for the domestic violence trial. the jury pool was expanded after hundreds of jurors were excused earlier this week. lawyers are waiting for a decision on several issues including the video of lopez showing her bruised arm will be allowed as evidence. lopez's attorney has filed an appeal to prevent the video from being shown to jurors. coming up, the race for the white house continues as
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they gear up for a new battleground. a look ahead to tuesday. >> and back to the ocean for a sea lion freed from a plastic strap that was tangled around his neck. >> and at 11:30, the modern woman's time crunch and what really could be behind it. >> hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. at this hour we are seeing clear skies out there. tomorrow it looks like it is going to be the calm before the storm moves in. a lot of rain needed. we will look at the accu-weather seven-day fo
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just one day left until the presidential primaries in alabama and mississippi. it could cause one of the remaining candidates to drop out of the race. >> we think the folks in alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents the value that can present the best contrast with president obama and make the changes i think the people here in the south would like to see. >> rick santorum made his remarks in mississippi where he made four campaign stops. mitt romney took the day off, but not newt gingrich. >> we had an effort that lead to four balanced budgets. when rick was in leadership they ran up a $1.6 trillion deficit. the very big difference is just to put the label conservative and assume it covers everything is very misleading. >> romney has what is widely believed to be an insur moundable -- insur mountable lead. >> the price per gallon is up
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one cent, but only two cents from a week ago and there are signs of relief. analysts say there is too much fuel on the market. prices could start dropping. a gallon of regular is averages $4.41 in san francisco. at $4.43 santa barbara had the highest price of the. occupy the occupy movement in san francisco are taking their protests to county recorder offices in 20 counties across california. they plan to kick off the protest of fore clots sures -- foreclosures tomorrow morning. they plan to go to the san francisco recorder's office at city hall to check their deeds of trust for any irregularities or fraud. and then they will go up to the city attorney's office. freedom tonight for a sea lion named dart man. these pictures from the marine mammal center shows the lion lion's return to the ocean. he was discovered at pier39 with a plastic packing strap embedded around his neck.
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dart man weighs 400 pounds and it took two weeks to capture him. after a few days of recovery dartman is back in the water tonight. and meet two penguins flying high on delta strutted their stuff while the other first class passengers enjoyed their show. they were on their way to the frozen planet in new york city. it will air on the discovery channel. they beautifiet the area and theyy embarked on -- they embarked on the neighborhood. it was the oldest site in san francisco near appleton avenue. they planted enough trees to connect nearby schools, parks and streets with a nature walk. >> and a lot of rain on the way. >> leigh glaser is here and she has been tracking the storms. >> good news for the things in the ground now, the newly president played trees and all
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of our -- newly planted trees and all of our gardens. the storm door opens this week. a live shot now from our camera and they are reporting wind gusts up to 16 miles per hour. we are getting to see some partial clearing from the very weak storm system that brought us a few sprinkles and a few light showers earlier this morning. it is 42 in santa rosa and napa is 45. 48 in san francisco and los gatos with a few clouds 47 and 50 right now in antioch. so we will call it tonight partly cloudy and a bit breezy in the higher elevations. the clouds will increase for crore monday. for your monday. monday will be a dry day before storm number one moves in tuesday and wednesday. and some of this rain can be heavy at times. this is how we started off. it is north of the golden gate bridge. you can see this cold front that moved through and it fell
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apart. here is a bit of clearing. we will see a little bit of mist and drizzle near the coast. otherwise temperatures in the north bay because of the patches of clear sky a little cooler and chillier with the overnight temperatures midto upper 30s and we will look for widespread 40s elsewhere. let's see what you can expect this workweek. we will get into this tomorrow, but clearly you can see a big shift in our weather pattern with the jet stream diving to the south. a break on monday and then would you look what is developing well to the west of that area? tuesday night and wednesday, area of low pressure is very strong and will bring us high winds and quite a bit of rain. could be heavy at times especially on wednesday. and then behind that system yet another area of low pressure is developing this is poised to move in thursday night and friday.
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let's look at our animation. monday at 6:00 a.m. it is pretty dry. it will be really early on tuesday morning. 2:00 a.m. is the time frame. throughout the morning commute and right on in through 5:00 on tuesday evening where the heavy rain affects the north bay. and then check out the course of the afternoon, this band right here. 5:00 a.m. just settling over the bay area. that is what we will look for is the heavy rainfall to develop and then during the lunchtime hours heavy rain will be with us as well. how much potential out of the first set of storm systems, the north bay mountains anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. northeast bay locations are one, two, possibly three inches of rain. the peninsula and south bay lesser amounts. santa cruz mountains two to three inches. it is what we have been waiting for. it is going to come this week. lead to quite a
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bit of storms. it is tuesday morning through wednesday evening. and it is just three feet of snow about the 7,000 foot level. lesser amounts at lake level. i do want to mention the snow levels will be coming up. so by wednesday night we could be seeing a rain-snow mix. in the 60s and upper 50s around the bay area. thickening clouds and the heavy rain is due in here overnight tuesday and in through wednesday with some very strong winds as well. we will get a break thursday morning and more rain thursday night and friday. low snow levels on saturday and sunday and more showers in our forecast. >> thanks a lot, leigh. shu, are we going to get a root on for some of our local teams? >> it was college sunday for basketball. the warriors are looking to win back to back nights. dallas last night and could they handle the clippers tonight 1234*
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brutal schedule, the warriors are playing four games in five nights. they beat the defending champion mavericks last night and took on the clippers in l.a. curry is starting scoreless in 9 minutes. he rips it away from blake griffin. two of his 20. warrior bise 13 at the half. warrior bise 13 at the half. chris paul off the steel. he had 23. clippers are down 15 in the fourth quarter. the pump fake and l.a. down five. then off the in bound and oh my. 27 for blake and the game tied at 83. can they regroup. he had 21 and leigh is banging it inside. 18 points and 10 boards for lee. the bears despite losing three of the last four games until the end of the year with 24 wins. that turned out to be enough to get their invite to the big dance. cal will be in the midwest region in a play in game for
2:25 am
the 12th seed. there are 68 teams this year instead of 64. the bears have struggled with the offense the last four games, but it is a new season. cal in colorado and the only pack 12 team is invited. >> it was apparent that they were going to take more than two teams. 24r is a certain amount of that's great. once you get over the whole deal you start to look forward. a tournament is a tournament. we are in the tournament. >> we are going to get in. and it is like, what is going to happen? i was excited. >> cal fans, set your dvr. they are playing for the 12th seed. saint mary's is the seventh seed in the midwest. they will face purdue and owe omaha. then gonzaga gets west virginia in the east. stanford hosts cleavland state in the nit tournament. it was the first post season appearance in three years.
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we will take a brief timeout before we head to arizona for cactus league action. how did he do? find out
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the giants are facing seattle? cactus league action. buster posey is behind the plate. cabrera continues to get two for three and three r.b.i. they still have it. the strikeout and posey cuts down the would be base steeler for a double play. the scoreless inning for the beard as the giants win it 7-5. >> personally i couldn't have asked for a better spot for first time coming back for the first time being off the dl. it has been a longtime since i w a nicerown so it w reunion. >> well, the a's and he was 0
2:30 am
for 3. a dive and grab. he turns it into a double play. he goes two for four with an r.b.i. the a's win it 10-8. the 9ers are getting a jump on the 2012 season. they will work out randy moss. the 35-year-old was out of the league last year and is rejuvenated. jim harbaugh could handle his personality. they have 954 catches for 15,000 yards and 153 touchdowns in a 13-year career. worth ame worth a look. and payton manning visited with the broncos and the cardinals say they were a recruiting visit foremanning. this is a team that many think fits manning's skills perfectly. miami and tennessee are in the hunt and payton could bewaring a new uniform by tuesday. coming up later in the newscast, tiger woods left the golf course midround. we have an update.
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stick around. is it just me or is it time for brian wilson to lose the beard? >> he was scratching it like he had things inside. >> eww. i don't know if we would recognize him if he took it off. that would be hard to do. >> that's true. coming up, big bucks gone from a big bank. >> and a family puts $25,000 in a tax-free college fund, but it disappears. i'm michael finney. coming up, 7 on your side locates the cash. >> and a massive mansion with a massive price. how much this home will set you back when we return.
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we have breaking news to tell you about tonight.
2:35 am
at least three people were shot in oakland. it happened near high street and san carlos avenue at an apartment building. police say 45 shell casings were found at the scene. officers were checking highland hospital for possible bullet wounds. one victim has a superficial injury and the conditions of the other two are unknown. and people in san francisco's japan town remembers the horror of a year ago in their home country. the devastating earthquake and tsunami left more than 19,000 missing andand almost caused a nuclear melt down. someone broke the hearts of some little leaguers in petaluma. two new pitching machines and protective equipment were stolen. the machines cost about $3500 each. a suspected it drunk driver knocked over a power pole in concord and then walked away from the scene with her little girl. 2200 customers lost power for almost the entire day. the woman was arrested on dui and child endangerment
2:36 am
charges. >> margaret thatcher said if you want something done, ask a man. but if you really want something done, ask a woman. >>- >> it shows that husbands want to help. and it can payoff if you help them. if you let them. >> i started sending e mails from the bed. >> get dinner started. >> and get up and do it all over again. >> the modern woman's time crunch, but this just in. we can't blame slacker husbands or killer jobs anymore. >> women are holding themselves to these standards that require they are responsible for so much that goes on at home while performing at work. >> that's right. a surprising new survey by real simple magazine says women just need to look in the mirror to find the culprit. we say our biggest i'm impediments to free time are helicopter mothering and housework. but most of us say our husbands can and are willing
2:37 am
to handle the housework and especially to kids. 't delegate. we are perfectionists. they say we don't think -- we say we don't think it will get done right. and we hate cleaning, but 45% of us wouldn't pay to out source it even if we could. let's be honest. we do it because be -- because good at it. but our tension can create high levels of cortosol. it is a stress hormone that contributes to heart disease, diabetes and dementia. a study found that women's cortosol levels plummet when the spouses pitch in. but we continue let them. almost half of us refuse to take an hour of time for ourselves unless every chore on the dreaded list is finished. >> it is impossible though. >> it is impossible. and women who schedule their free time regardless of whether the to do list is checked off are happier.
2:38 am
>> and more satisfied say researchers. >> give up a little control for more contentment? not a bad trade. a br c news, new york. abc news, new york. >> watch out for tomorrow and tuesday. the first few days moving the clocks forward is associated with a 10% increase in the risk of having a heart attack. people sleep deprived and weigh more and already at risk of tfling heart disease. researchers at the university of alabama say the immune system responds differently with less sleep. college is expensive, but parents who think ahead can take advantage of bank accounts that yield tax-free interests. one family had just the opposite result. michael finney helped out. >> this is damion when he was just four years old. his father wanted to make sure he could go to college some day. >> in 2006 my mom passed. >> james took his inheritance to wells fargo bank and put
2:39 am
$25,750 into a college fund that could earn tax-free interest. >> she told me if they invested aggressive lie they could earn $10,000 in five years. >> which sounded great. however, years later when damion was ready to use it, his dad got a pretty big shock. the college fund was gone. >> we don't have a record of this. are you sure you opened it at this bank. >> wells fargo said the college fund did not exist. he lost his own paperwork over the years, and now he couldn't prove he had opened his account. his $25,000 had simply disappeared. >> i felt like, you have to be kidding me. i felt like i gave my money to somebody i trusted. he knows more about it than i do. >> james tried for more than a year to find his money, a search using his social security number turned up nothing. >> i was so flustered and so
2:40 am
upset. when it comes to college, it is expensive. what is up, dad? >> james called 7 on your sidemh every scrap in his files for any document linked to that account. and then it happened. >> i just happened to find this receipt. >> james found his copy of the cashier's check he deposited in the college fund. here it is. $25,750 payable to wells fargo investments. the bank traced the check number and found the number in a dead checking account. >> they said i had to put a stop payment on it on the 26th of november. >> he said he never stopped payment and it should have been earning interest all these years. we asked wells fargo how it happened and the bank said it could not discuss the bank only saying, "we have been in contact with him and we believe we reached a fair resolution. ". >> they refunded his deposit of $25,700, but not with the
2:41 am
interest he expected. >> well i am glad i got that back anyway.ys are you guys are great. >> james tells us wells fargo did agree to pay $1800 interest on the funds for the six months it laid in the dead checking account. not as much as it might have earned had it been invested, but he is glad to have that money back. michael finney, 7 on your side. speaking of money, if you have $78 million to spare you might be interested in a mega mansion in san gabriel valley in southern california. the home is 32,000 square feet with seven bedrooms and its own guest house. check out that pool. the property has that infinity pool, a 15-person spa, 10-car garage and an in door shooting range. forbes called it the town with the most expensive zip code in the nation in 2010. >> it doesn't even look real. well, coming up, the new ipad.
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the high demand and whether a@!pppppppppppppppppppppppppppp├▒
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now to a multiple shooting in oakland. it happened near high street and san carlos. abc7's thomas roman is live on the scene with the latest. thomas? >> we are right here on san carlos. this is the scene behind me. shots broke out around a little before 11:00. there was a dozen oakland police officers investigating the area in front of an apartment building where the shots were fired. we are told that two men were
2:45 am
wounded and one received three gunshot wounds and the other was one gunshot wound. we have no idea if they are life-threatening wounds or what their condition is nor what their identities are nor what their ages are. the police are telling us they found at least 8 cartridges in front of the apart meant -- apartment building. those were 45 caliber cartridges. police say they are going to be investigating this. we don't have a police spokesman on board. we don't know why this shooting might have occurred or the identity of the two individuals. back here live, and there are at least a dozen police officers. one person was in the house when they were shot and the other one was outside the house. that's about all we know at this point. thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update. it is the most anticipated gadget of the year. in fact, the ipad is selling so well delivery on pre orders has been delayed. >> the managing editor talked
2:46 am
with 7 live about the new ipad and whether or not you should buy one. >> we were talking earlier in our offices that as a consumer if i would have gone out and bought the ipad 2 and then heard this announcement i would have been ticked off. i would have been so, so mad. why does apple do this to its customer base? >> i get that a lot, but if you think apple is bad, you should look at their competetors. in the android landscape? a new model comes out every four to eight weeks. apple gives its products at least a year. the ipad 2 was at least a year to the day old. they usually give about a year which in the consumer electronics landscape is a lifetime. >> if you have an ipad 2 should you go out and buy the new ipad? >> right now, probably not simply because there is not
2:47 am
enough applications out now that take advantage of the new screen real estate of the i think if you have an original ipad there might be enough incentive to go out and get one. definitely if you have been on the sidelines somehow this long, this would be a great opportunity to jump in. it is a fantastic camera. 24r* is a new wireless module and it is way faster than the old ipad. you can fit more content on to the screen of this new ipad than you can in any 60-inch tv. there are more pixels in the palm of your hand than an hdtv. >> will this be more competitive in the market? >> they didn't have a lot of apps to show, but look at the text. open an e book on this thing and look how crisp the text
2:48 am
is. it really is phenomenal. readers, people who want to read books, there is a great use for that. the other thing is photo applications. they introduced i photo. they brought the photo app they had on the mac and bra ut it to the -- and brought it to the ipad. you can manipulate photos with your hands and there are brushes and you can adjust the shadows with your hands. the app is $4.99. it is incredible. >> alan is sold. let's go to leigh. she has been tracking that storm coming our way. leigh? >> let's take a look at what you can expect if you are flying tomorrow across the state. a mixture of sun and clouds. palm springs will be 75, but you can see the rain moving in along the north coast. eureka 50 with rain and it could be heavy at times. here is a look at our accu-weather seven-day
2:49 am
forecast. as we take you through it, we get a dry day on monday, and then thickening clouds and leading to rain and could be heavy at times on tuesday night. heavy rain likely for the entire bay area on wednesday. very gusty winds as well. thursday morning a bit of a break, and then another system moves in thursday night and friday, and then it looks like this upcoming weekend, st. patrick's day on saturday will be wet with some cold showers moving in. >> thank you, leigh. reunited and it feels so good. the beard is back. >> two key players for the giants, posey and wilson are coming off injuries and we are back in business. tiger woods left with an injury midround. we have injury updates @aclclclcl
2:50 am
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2:52 am
out in arizona the giants facing seattle in cactus league action. posey behind the plate and wilson on the mound. cabrera continues with 2 for 2 and cabrera hitting .542 and bril wilson and posey show they still have it.
2:53 am
the second strikeout for the double play. scoreless inning for the beard and the giants win it 7-5. >> fernly -- personally with me and the buster, i can't ask for a better spot for me coming back from being on the dl. itit was the buster on the dl as well, and it has been a longtime since i have thrown to him. it was a nice reunion. >> royals and a's and he was 0 for 3 in his second game. it wasg liner and looping linera dive and grab and turns it into a double play. he goes two for four as the 10-8. talk about a brutal schedule. the warriors tie four games in five nights. they beat the mavericks last night and took on the clippers last night in l.a. he started 24 hours late expert warriors pour it on. he had 21. here come the clippers. he had 27 and games tied at
2:54 am
83. he is splashing through the lane and warriors hang on in l.a. 97-93 the final. the cal bears have lost three of the last four games and ended with 24. cal will be in the midwest region facing south florida in a play in game for the 12th seed. they struggled with their offense. cal and colorado are the only two teams from the pack 12 that were invited. >> they were apparent they wouldn't take more than two teams. there was a certain amount of that's great. once you get over the whole deal you start to look forward. the tournament is a tournament. >> we don't get by and they say, what is going to happen? i was excited. >> wednesday 6:00 p.m. and bears from dayton, ohio playing for the 12th seed. saint mary's is the 7th
2:55 am
seed and will face purdue and omaha. stanford hosts cleavland state at 8:00 p.m. it is their first post season appearance in four years. espn says they will work out randy moss tomorrow. the 35-year-old was out of the league last year. he says she rejuvenated. he would be the deep threat they would need and jim harbaugh would handle his personality. he has 954and over 15,000 yards and 153 touchdowns. he is worth a look. what a wild finish at the pga tour. tiger woods had to withdraw in the middle of his round. he was limping on the 10th and 11th holes. soreness in his left achilles tendon, the one he injured at the masters. from the beach on 12 and nothing but net, but he finishes in third.
2:56 am
rose had this chip for par on 18. he is in the clop house and one up on the third round. he struggled all day from the trees on 18. look at this and just rips it. leaves it 10 feet with four sudden deaths. and bubba slides it by and shoots it 2 over 74. it was a 2 under 70. nascar in las vegas for the cobalt tools 400. tony stewart made a move with nine laps to go on a late restart and he then holds off jimmy johnson on the final restart to take the checkered flag for his first ever win on this track. and it is the first pitch and check it out. >> are you kidding me? 67 mile an hour dirt ball. let's just say his future is with the colts in the nfl and stanford loses to rice 1-0
2:57 am
that was your toyota sports report. i tell you, it is tougher than you think to get out there and throw a baseball. this guy though is a quarterback, right? >> the ball is smaller. >> the harder you try to throw it the worse it is. you just want to rake it down there. 245* is embarrassing. >> the colts are thinking, should we draft this guy? >> that's the end of the broadcast of abc7 news. >> have yourself a great night.
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